#CHH Battle – Shia Linne vs Ruslan (My Thoughts)

The other day I was listening to a KJ-52 podcast and he was talking about how this rapper “Ruslan” name dropped him in a track. and there was a big discussion about that and his thoughts, go listen to his podcast to hear that. I did some searching and found the song on soundcloud and I realized it was a response to a track by this rapper “Shia Linne”. I hadn’t heard of either of these guys so I took a listen to both of the songs and was kinda taken back at the fact that this is going on in the Christian Hip-Hop world.

Take a listen to both of these songs before I go any further.

I gotta say this isn’t how Christians should act. We are suppose to act in love. Now there is nothing wrong with calling someone out if they are doing something wrong, but their is a certain way to do that. I am personally siding on Ruslan’s side but thats just me. Tell me in the comments what side you side with. There was also a couple more responses to Ruslan’s track. you can listen to those Here and Here.

Just thought I would write this and share it with all of you! Hope you enjoyed this and it made you think a little.

John Stuart


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