Over the past few weeks I have started to feel convicted about some things in my life. Projects that I have started that don’t really have a purpose other than putting a spotlight on me. Projects like The Ramble and JMan. They don’t have a faith-based purpose. And I know the main reason I’m on this earth is to praise God and spread the Word about Jesus Christ. At the end of the day all these other things are pointless. I have decided to put those two projects to bed for right now.

​Even though I am not very active on those things anyways I still worry about being active and it stresses me out and I need to just stop worrying about them and focus on other things in my life. It’s not an easy decision and it didn’t happen over night. It’s been on mind and heart for a few weeks. If I can ever put a faith-based purpose on those projects I will bring them back if I have the time.

I hope you all understand, and if you don’t please let me know and I will try to explain it to you so you understand. I am still doing a lot of stuff with my business Stuart Digital and a few other stuff!

Thank you for your support,
John Stuart


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