It’s Starting To Get Hard

It’s been about 10 days since I decided to take a beak from social media for a month (See Post) and I have to say it’s starting to get really hard. And I have to be honest I have kinda got on social media to check out like event details or to check what someone else is doing but I have not just scrolled through my news feed for several minutes. Which that was the main reason for taking a break because I would spend hours just scrolling through my feeds and just wasting my day. So since I made up the rules I don’t feel bad about checking details on social media. But it’s starting to get rough. Like I just wanna get back on there to see what’s going on. I will say its easier then if someone made me do this. I’m doing it on my own terms and that makes it a little better. In the 10 days I have been able to catch up on other things. Fixing my email list was one of them. You can sign up to my email list to get these posts right to your email inbox if you want. I’ve also been watching more YouTube videos, which I guess is another addiction that I have but let me just handle one at a time! I guess I will keep you guys updated throughout this month about how I am doing with this break from social media.


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