Social Media Addiction

Social media is a drug. It really is. That’s why I have decided to take a month of social media (or at least try my hardest) Because i am guilty of being addicted to social media. I feel like it’s eating up a lot of my time that I need to spend trying to figure out my life. I’m not going anti social media. I love social media, a little too much. I think it’s good to take a break from it every once and a while and that is something I have yet to do until now. I was watching this video about this band that refuses to get on social media. Not because they are anti social media but because they find that their time is better spent not on social media. That inspired me to do this. I’ll link up the video and by the way I don’t think that my website and posting to this blog counts as social media. And I’m some what on the fence whether YouTube counts too. That can be maybe another post. But anyway if you notice I’m not posting on social media this month, that is why.
Here is the video

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