Are Sam And Nia Coming Back To YouTube?

Are Sam And Nia Coming Back To YouTube?

The Ramble

Just about half an hour ago Sam and Nia (YouTube Vloggers) uploaded a video after a month of video silence. Ill let the video speak for it self.

They don’t know when they are coming back but they do plan to post random videos! I hope they realize that they have a supporting fan base and that we want them back. It was nice to see them again and this video is sky rocketing by the minute it currently has 10 thousand views and counting. I know there are still a lot of haters out there, what i have to say to them is; we all make mistakes but God gives us a second chance, God loves us more then we can imagine and He wants the best for us.

Well thats all i have for you today. if you have never heard of Sam and Nia before please check out…

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Sam And Nia: Youtube Vloggers, Viral Video, Miscarriage, Secret Out

Sam And Nia: Youtube Vloggers, Viral Video, Miscarriage, Secret Out

So I feel like i have to speak up about this. I am a christian and we christians need to stand up for each other. So earlier this month YouTube Vloggers Sam and Nia from Texas posted a video with a unusual pregnancy announcement. The husband revealed to his wife that she was pregnant.

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