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Hey guys, if you didn’t know we switched the site address for The Ramble and we would like everyone following this blog, plus more to go over and follow the new site! You will continue to get good content on the new site! Please go follow!

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A New Day Has Come!

First off, this is gonna require you guys to actually do something! but, if you are a faithful The Ramble fan you guys will do it! I started a new wordpress blog for The Ramble, for the past year i have been using my personal blog address for it and i just don’t think that’s right. So i switched all the posts and pretty much everything but the followers to the new site, it looks exactly the same and i think it will do better with its own address! so before this becomes a long post, please go follow the new site! Thank you guys, you are the best!

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Left Behind (Movie Review)


a-billboard-for-the-2014-left-behind-movie-starring-nicolas-cage-is-seen-on-display-in-new-york-cityAre you ready for the end? Because its coming. The other night i went to see the new Left Behind movie with Nicolas Cage. It had better acting then the old ones with Kirk Cameron but it was still kinda cheesy.  Let me tell you what all i thought.

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New Music and New Beginning

Silence The Ocean is a local band where i live and they are a christian metal-core, or screamo band. They recently released two songs from their upcoming album “Broken Vessels” that is coming out November 15th! I just thought id share with you the songs. So the first one is “Structures” and i think its a pretty good song, it wouldn’t replace my favorite song by them called “Candlelights” which is off their last EP, but its a good song! The second one which is the latest is “Fragile” now i must say I’ve listen to this song a bunch and i actually have and idea for a music video for it. I love this song, again still doesnt replace my favorite song but its close! Just listen to these two songs and if you like them go like their Facebook page and subscribe to them on YouTube!

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People Judging People.

So there is just something that has been on my mind in the past 24 hours, I mean I’ve thought about it before but recently I cant stop thinking about it. Some people just right other people off as weird, or a creep, stoker, geek, weirdo, and stuff like that without really getting to know them or giving them a chance. That bugs me so much, because I’ve had a lot of people do that to me and I’m not sure why.

It’s one thing to not want to text someone all the time, but its going to far if you ignore someone in person or go as far as blocking them on social media. If you have a problem with me, talk to me about it. Id rather you tell me why you have a problem with me then just block me and ignore me. Id like to know why. The bible says (and correct me if i’m wrong) the bible says not to judge people, God will judge them, but if your gonna judge, judge justly. Now that isn’t quote for quote but that’s how i see it.

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