Album Review: Anchor-Colton Dixon

American Idol has an interesting track record with contestants. In recent years, few have gone on to become successful artists, but Season 10 remains a shining point of this decade. Both Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon have gone on to become upcoming household names in their respective genres. This week, Colton Dixon released his sophomore album, Anchor, and it is with much joy that I say it is a huge improvement over the already solid A Messenger, his debut effort. Let’s take a look at Anchor in a little more detail, as I show you why it is one of my absolute favorite works of 2014, and possibly one of my favorites of all Christian albums I’ve ever listened to.

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The Ramble FB Cover

1 Year of Rambling

One year ago today I posted my first post in a long time What Is Love, I didn’t know then i would call it The Ramble, I called it John on WordPress, for a little while actually. Then i realized all i was doing was rambling so i decided to call it what it is now. I started doing this because Matt had started a blog which inspired me to start blogging on my blog again, somewhere along the line i asked Matt if he would join me on my blog so that i could bring more content to the readers. Here we are a year later! I am excited to continue this journey with you!

I hope you enjoy reading this and keep coming back and tell your friends to check us out! You guys are awesome! We have over 70 followers on this blog and we are still growing! Its amazing!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


The Time A Con Artist Swindled Me

So, here’s a story about when I went to New Orleans last month. Everyone here at home loves it when I tell it, so I figured I would share it with you all even though it probably won’t come across as funny through text. This is a true story about the time I was swindled by a con artist. The lesson? Never get swindled by a con artist.

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Heaven Is For Real (Movie Review)

So i just got around to watching Heaven Is For Real, wanted to watch in the theaters but didn’t get around to it. I loved the movie, id give it a 5 out of 5! The father Todd kinda reminded me of myself.

So the movie was about this kid who basically died and went to heaven and came back. Well he didn’t actually die but during surgery is when he went to heaven. His father is a preacher and at first for a while he doesn’t believe his son. That causes problems with him and his church but after the son tells the dad that he saw his dads granddad and then tells his mom about how he say the daughter that died in the moms stomach and was in heaven the believe him.

Its a good movie! i recommend it! Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a good day!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart

Blog Update 2.3

Hey guys, so its been a while since i did an update post. I about said update video there! I know I promised a lot of things I was gonna do on this blog this summer and I didn’t do them. I’m sorry, its just been a busy summer and things get away from you. I can’t promise anything soon either, school is starting for me very soon and so I have to get back into the routine of that. I hope I can at least get a post out once a week but i cant promise that, in fact more then likely i won’t. Making a blog post requires having something to blog about, when i watch a new movie i can make a movie review, when i go on a trip i can talk about that. So it all depends on what goes on in my life, sometimes its just a detailed thought i have.

Bottom line, when i have something to talk about i will make a post! Matt usually posts once a week and that’s great, i would love to have more writers on this blog, my vision for this blog is to have one or more posts per day on  the weekdays. If you would like to be a writer on this blog please contact us.

Well that’s all for this update! Thank you for reading this and for following this blog! Please share it with your friends and have them follow the blog!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


R.I.P. Robin Williams

Robin Williams apparently committed suicide yesterday. He will truly be missed. I know my favorite movies he was in were The Night In The Museum series and RV and Hook, Robots and probably a few others that i cant think of at the moment. This will be short post but i just wanted to recognize RW. He was a great actor but i guess he was going through a lot of depression. I was looking through his twitter photos last night and i personally could see a lot of pain behind his eyes in most of the photos. I hope hes in a better place now.

Rest In Peace Robin Williams

John Stuart


Planes Fire and Rescue (Movie Review)

Finally I have something to blog about, I missed you guys. So yesterday i went to see Planes Fire and Rescue in theaters and right off the bat i would give it a 5 or 6 out of 10. It wasn’t as funny as the first Planes but it had its moments. Spoiler Alert!

Like the deer in the movie were John Deer tractors and instead of having antlers they were headlights (Deer in the headlights). It was a good movie, and like the other movies from Pixar you can compare this movie to the other Planes and Cars and Cars 2, the story line is basically the same, a underdog has a dream and in the end he succeeds it and saves the world or wins the race. Its just interesting to see how many movies they can make with the same basic story line.

Basically Dusty, the plane who won the race in the first Planes becomes a fire plane, putting out forest fires because their airport needs a second fire engine or plane to be up and running.  I recommend you go see it but there were some references in there that i thought wasn’t that appropriate for young young kids, but you know kids these days they know everything at age 4 haha

Like I said I give it a 5 or 6 out of 10 though. Thanks for reading this and i hope you go watch it! Until next time!


Just Rambling,

John Stuart


A Week In New Orleans

Last week, I spent my time on a missions trip to New Orleans. As I explain in this article a few months ago, New Orleans still isn’t in great shape since Hurricane Katrina rolled through a decade ago. Through Camp Hope and Crossroads Missions, I had the opportunity to head to Louisiana and help rebuild. Here’s a quick day by day look at how things panned out. New Orleans truly is an interesting place, and I can’t want to return next summer, both for the fun, and to help others.

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